The Rise of Asia Logan

The 2017- 2018 season has started in great fashion for Landerneau Bretagne Basket (France LF2). When speaking with management the goal was made very clear; "make it to LFB". Last season the club finished in third place behind Avenir Basket Chartres and Roche Vendee BC. Now the ladies of Landerneau are in full control of first place of LF2 with a 15-2 record with just 5 regular season games remaining. The question then becomes how? What changes has this club made to become a power in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe. The answer is simple: Asia Logan (184-F-92, college: Pittsburgh). Now of course we are logical to understand the great play of center Aija Brumermane (192-C-86) and Elodie Naigre (182-F/C-95) help support the play of import player Asia Logan. But like all great franchises; you need the impact player. Regarded as one of the top imports in France; Asia Logan stands out among the elite crowd. She's the X-Factor of LF2 this season. What makes Logan special? A 6'1 Small Forward, Logan has size that's tough to match and athleticism unique to the few players who resemble her stature. Think of a great mid range shooter, with the vertical of a LeBron James (203-SF-84) for women. Her quickness and touch around the rim enabled her to score nearly 15 points per game (Ranked #5) and grab 3.6 of her 6 rebounds on the offensive end throughout the duration of the regular season (remember she plays 25-minute games). Is she a rising star? Absolutely not. Logan has been a star for the last five years since she entered the 2014 WNBA draft. She was named All-Import Team for two difference countries including Greece and Switzerland. Logan was the top scorer in the Swiss LNA averaging an incredible 26.3 points per game. The same season she was the top rebounder with 15.3. But this is definitely her best season. Logan has accepted the challenge of France and showing that she can led a club to the top division. So how does she score? Logan is the perfect rim runner who's as close to automatic as it gets down low. She buries anyone who tries to keep her out of the paint. She can get to WHEREVER she wants on the court based on her athleticism and speed. She is by far one of the best leapers in the game of basketball. That's how she averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds in a five year career. Teams can't leave her alone anywhere inside the three-point line either. Off pick-and-rolls Logan is money from the foul line-extended. I like to describe it as a perfect mid range jump shot. Why don't team just double team her in France? Because she's surrounded by at least three of top local players in the league! Landerneau are stacked and are looking like the favorites to move to the LFB. Aija Brumermane, who's the top center in the league, runs the post. She was week nine French League MVP averaging yet another double-double. Local forward Elodie Naigre was also named player of the week (week 15). She was last the starting forward for the 2017 LF2 champion Roche Vendee BC. Former All-French Team member Pauline Lithard (168-PG-94) at point guard. Lithard runs the show and spreads the wealth among all these great players. Teams can't lay off a single player on defense. Surrounded by four capable shooters, Logan is able to see over everyone and kick to the open player in the most potent offense in the league. The future is bright for this rising star. Logan is only 25 years of age and continues to grow into a versatile assassin on the court.

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